Some of my favorite places to go for inspiration, ideas and motivation… one of my favorite yoginis suggested to our class that ‘to find interesting things in the world, you have to be interested.’ Or something to that effect, and I believe she said she was quoting someone. In other words, if you are curious then you will never be bored!

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Websites and Blogs

Zen Habits – Leo Babauta
I have been following this blog for years because I not only love his writing style but I appreciate the topics and approach.

Yoga Anytime
You get to check out all sorts of instructors, approaches and classes for a small monthly fee. Good for anyone wanting a home practice.

Sun and Moon Yoga Studio
My favorite local yoga studio in Arlington and Fairfax, Va. They offer a wide variety of classes and workshops, and flexible passes to suit your needs, whatever they may be.

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TED Radio Hour: Wide variety of topics, interesting speakers and my favorite part is the multitude of perspectives on each topic. Really enjoying this right now, check it out.

On Being with Krista Tippett: A fellow yogini recommended this to me and I was instantly hooked. She interviews thought-provoking people (often pretty well-known) on current topics of interest, such as mindfulness, relationships and society.   

Metta Hour with Sharon Salzberg: Sharon Salzberg’s voice makes me feel instantly calm and tuned in. The podcast is hosted by the Be Here Now network (how great is that?!?), they have a few podcasts worth checking out so do some exploring under “You Might Also Like” below the list of available podcasts.

Rich Roll: Full disclosure – Rich Roll is an ultra athlete, but his podcast focuses on a wide variety of topics including nutrition, meditation and happiness. Be forewarned – he speaks “Californian” but you don’t need a dictionary, although it may take some getting used to in order to make sure you are ‘dialed in.’

Life on Earth: A good podcast always makes me feel like I’m having a one-way conversation with one of my best friends, and that’s why I love this one. I feel like I know Nathalie Croix and she talks about all things yoga, meditation and spirituality so it’s a natural home for us seekers of light.

Out There: This one is great if you are in the mood for storytelling as it shares stories of the outdoors. It’s perfect for road trips.

Trail Runner Nation: Again, I love this podcast because I feel like I know the hosts. Great guests, great topics and while the focus is on trail running, the themes can touch on what it means to be alive.

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Notes from the Universe
The first thing that I read everyday is my daily email note from the universe. While I understand that it is random, it is fun and good reminders for important messages that are worthy of remembering.

Apps I love
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The Daily Guru
Daily readings from Swami Satchidananda, founder of Yogaville and swami that delivered opening prayer at Woodstock. I rarely miss a day of his teachings.

Insight Timer
This app helps keep me honest with my daily yoga and meditation practice. You can create pre-sets for duration, background music and interval bells. The app even tracks your progress!