Starting with OM


That’s right, OM.

I started with OM. Despite the fact that I have a blog called Start with OM, it is very rare that I actually start with OM. A centering technique to remind me to be here now. Irony. I am starting with OM. This time.

This is my practice, and this is why I have a blog called Start with OM – to remind myself to start.with.OM.

This is OM:

  • I used to want to fall in love with the man of my dreams and thought about the perfect life we would have together all the time. Now I am just happy to find a few chocolate-covered espresso beans in my hydration pack. My “falling in love” dream may have been temporarily disappointing, but my chocolate-covered espresso beans delivered true happiness and I am not disappointed in this outcome because I’ve discovered ways of finding the joy in the simplest of pleasures.
  • When I reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in awhile, they fill me in on their relationship troubles and dating woes… and I talk about what I am watching on Netflix. And this is how I know that my life is good, even if it is not always great. The path is the OM, the path is the way… no destination or goal will ever deliver like the journey and this is my practice.
  • Instead of wondering what’s playing at the movies, now I look around my house trying to figure out what I can fix with my jigsaw and I enjoy myself even more than if I had gone to the best movie I have ever seen. I have had some difficult moments learning how to use power tools but these difficult moments have given me appreciation for what I can do rather than an emphasis on what I can’t do. I’ll never figure out what I can do unless I try to do stuff. I found a note in my daughter’s room this week that said, “everything is figure-out-able” and this is a great practice.
  • When I feel frustrated at work, I remind myself that I have a job. When I am frustrated with family, I remind myself that I have a family. When I am frustrated with friends, I remind myself that I have friends. And I tell myself to be quiet and turn inward, this is my practice.
  • When crabs try to pull me into their crab pot so that they do not have to suffer alone, it is ok to gently push away and move forward without them. The act of breaking away delivers hope to them that it is possible and this is sometimes the most compassionate action available to us.

Perspective is at a premium in today’s world. I am not an expert and don’t have any answers for anyone besides myself and even then I am a BIG work in progress. But I have found that starting with OM is worth a shot.






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